Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Hayden Mrs. Jordan English IV February 14, 2012 Nurse Practitioner In the late 1950s, physicians began collaborating with nurses who had an abundant amount of clinical experience. As students began specializing, the number of primary-care physicians decreased. In 1965, the Medicare and Medicaid programs started offering inexpensive health care to those with low income. The new availability increased the demand for physicians. Because physicians could not meet the need, advanced nurses stepped in for them. It was in the same year that the first Nurse Practitioner program stepped into the medical scene. Loretta Ford and Henry Silver focused their program on promotion of health, disease prevention, and family health; however, many believed that the title “Nurse Practitioner” was misleading. This type of collaboration was viewed with alarm, mistrust and suspicion. At the peak of the 1980s, people’s opinion changed because they realized Nurse Practitioners had the same education as physicians and were cost effective(Field 55). Nurse Practitioners have gone from being mistrusted to ranking high among the most distinguished doctors. The work environment for a Nurse Practitioner depends on his or her specialty. NPs may work anywhere from big city hospitals to rural country settings. In some cases they may work long, inconvenient hours(“Nurse Practitioner” 59). Specialties in this field include adult health, pediatrics, family practice, and lastly mental health. They can prescribe medications in all states with eighteen of those allowing independent function(“Nursing” 45). The daily responsibilities of a NP include normal nurse work such as care plans and patient care; however, he or she may be asked to do the physician’s work as well. By using lab tests and x-rays NPs may treat pneumonia, strokes, or even heart failure. Referring patients to other physicians is also
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