Nurse Practice Act Florida vs Nebraska

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Review the Nurse Practice Act for Nebraska + Florida
Katherine Oliveras
ITT Technical Institute
April 10, 2012

Most states in the U.S ask the same things from a Registered Nurse. Nebraska and Florida both have very similar nursing views and it wouldn’t be much of an issue to be an RN there. According to Nebraska, a registered nurse who has completed training for wither a nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse-midwife or a nurse practitioner is called an advanced practice nurse. They can manage common health problems, conditions and can prescribe medications. Florida views the advanced practice nurse the same as Nebraska. Nursing practice for the RN is the physical interaction between the nurse and patient. It begins with an assessment of the patient’s needs by methods of interviewing the patient and the family on health status, physical examination and by reviewing records. Nurses all get together and develop a plan of care specifically for that patient to improve overall health. If all in the plan fails, it is revised and tried again until something works for that person. Nursing is the same for both Nebraska and for Florida. It is all about caring for the patients and helping with all the knowledge you received from the courses of the program.
Nebraska’s nurse practice act is the act of expressing judgment and skill based of knowledge. These acts include the identification of a potential or actual health problem of a patient, family or even a group. It’s the nurse’s responsibility to maintain the health status and provide care supportive to the life and well-being through the nursing assessment. Each nurse is responsible for the quality of care given to each patient. Licensed nurses may receive help from any unlicensed individual to provide assistance with personal care and the ADLs. Nurses aren’t allowed to practice medicine or perform

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