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Nurse Practice Act Comparison of Indiana and Texas Essay

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Nurse Practice Act Comparison of Indiana and Texas

Nurse Practice Act Comparison of Indiana and Texas

Many people are aware that there is a governing body over hospitals, doctors, and nurses, but many do not know that each of these are separate. Not only is there a specific entity over nurses in the United States, but each state has its own Board of Nursing to define and govern all practice of professional nurses. These state boards promote safety and help to ensure that all employed nurses obtain quality education and practice with proper licensure. This essay compares and contrasts Indiana’s Nurse Practice Acts to those of Texas and describes the certain details of each state’s Board of Nursing. The data included has been procured from each state’s government website, which entails the Nurse Practice Acts.
In the state of Indiana, the Board of Nurses consists of nine members who are appointed by the governor of the state. Each member of the board serves a four-year term that is subject to their death, resignation, or being removed by the governor. The board consists of six registered nurses (RN), two licensed practical nurses (LPN), and one state resident to represent the general public. Each member must also file the constitutional oath of office with the secretary of state. To be appointed, RN members of the board are recommended on or before December 1st of each year there are vacancies by the Indiana State Nurses’ Association. However, the number of recommendations may not be less than twice the number of vacancies to fulfill. The exact same holds for the appointment of LPN members, except they are recommended by the Indiana Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses.
In order to be appointed, all members have to meet certain qualifications. RNs and LPNs must be citizens of the United States, reside and be licensed in Indiana, and graduates of an accredited nursing program with five years experience...

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