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Nurse Practice Act Essay

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Nursing Practice Act
In every state a Nursing Practice Act can be found to give a detailed legal view of nursing. Nursing is a learned profession. As technology and disease advance, nurses must provide patients with a dedicated, unsurpassed, level of care. Here in the State of North Carolina, the first Nursing Practice Act appeared in1903. Since then, the Board of Nursing has reviewed, critiqued, and edited the act to give Registered Nurses a guide to follow so that the level of care will be kept at a high standard for those both acute and critically ill. The Nursing Practice Act of North Carolina gives that precise definition of nursing, scope of practice for Registered Nurses, and disciplinary actions should there be a need.
Definition of Nursing Practice
The “practice of nursing by a registered nurse” consists of the following ten
a. Assessing the patient's physical and mental health including the patient's
reaction to illnesses and treatment regimens.
b. Recording and reporting the results of the nursing assessment.
c. Planning, initiating, delivering, and evaluating appropriate nursing acts.
d. Teaching, assigning, delegating to or supervising other personnel in
implementing the treatment regimen.
e. Collaborating with other health care providers in determining the
appropriate health care for a patient but, subject to the provisions of
G.S. 90-18.2, not prescribing a medical treatment regimen or making
a medical diagnosis, except under supervision of a licensed physician.
f. Implementing the treatment and pharmaceutical regimen prescribed by
any person authorized by State law to prescribe the regimen.
g. Providing teaching and counseling about the patient's health.
h. Reporting and recording the plan for care, nursing care given, and the
patient's response to that care.
i. Supervising, teaching, and evaluating those who perform or are preparing
to perform nursing functions and administering nursing programs and

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