Nurse Practice Act

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3 Running head: NURSING PRACTICE ACT Nursing Practice Act Laura Pasnicki ITT Tech NU/100 1. The definition of nursing practice is the analyzing of human stimuli to indicate the actual or potential health issues. The nurse should also support and provide therapeutic care; nurses should be a patient’s counselor and educator in their health. The nurse will work together under a licensed doctor, dentist, advanced practice registered nurse and etc. The nurse shall stay within their scope of practice without exceeding the doctor orders. 2. Scope of practice is the language used in the licensing boards. The licensing boards consist of national and state. The scope of practice is put in effect for different occupations; which explain the procedures, actions and processes that are allowed for that licensed person. Scope of practice also sets boundaries for each individual who holds a license in certain fields. 3. The RN has standards in carrying out the nursing process as well as their responsibilities. Their responsibilities include prioritizing the care by the seriousness of the condition also known as triage, but not limited to exceeding their scope of practice. They have a “responsible” role where they have to use judgment and knowledge from what they have been taught. The nurse will also delegate, direct and supervise. The nurse will have knowledge in relation the health issue with the patient; he/she will educate and inform the individual and immediate family coinciding with the HIPAA law. The nurse will also know the review of body systems. 4. The definition of advanced practice is a primary care provider who provides preventative care to the public. Advanced practice is the act of a nurse in a specialist practice. Advanced practice nursing includes midwife, nurse practitioner,

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