Nurse Leadership Research Paper

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Carla Poston Initial Post TD #2 Nurse Leadership Nursing requires strong, consistent and knowledgeable leaders who inspire others, are visible, and support professional nursing practice. Leadership is an essential element for quality professional practice environments where nurses can provide quality nursing care. Key attributes of a nurse leader include being a(n): advocate for quality care, collaborator, articulate communicator, mentor, risk taker, role model and visionary (Stanley, 2006). The nurse leader has an obligation to their clients, be it patients under their direct care, on their unit or the caregivers under his/her management, to demand practice environments that have the organizational and human support allocations…show more content…
An effective nurse leader will have the ability to motivate, inspire, communicate and collaborate in order to provide quality nursing care. Blais, K. K., Hayes, J. S., Kozier, B., & Erb, G. (2006). Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives. Upper Saddle River , NJ : Prentice Hall. Couper, I. (2007). The Importance of Being Important—Reflections on Leadership. Annals of Family Medicine, 5(3), 261-262., doi:10.1370/afm.664 Middaugh, D., & Robertson, M. (2004). Earthquakes in Management. MEDSURG Nursing, 13(1), 56-66. Stanley, D. (2006). Recognizing and defining clinical nurse leaders. British Journal Of Nursing (Mark Allen Publishing),15(2), 108-111. Stanley, D. (2008). Congruent leadership: values in action. Journal Of Nursing Management, 16(5), 519-524. Swearingen, S. (2009). A journey to leadership: designing a nursing leadership development program. Journal Of Continuing Education In Nursing, 40(3), 107.

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