Nur478 Negligence Essay

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December 1, 2011
Barb Gilbert

Introduction Nurses are required to provide adequate care according to nursing Standards of Care and hospital policies. Each nurse should know his allowable scope of practice and provide the best care possible to each patient.
Difference between Negligence, Gross Negligence, and Malpractice
“When an individual is negligent and as a result injures someone else, we tend to hold her responsible for those injuries (King, 2009, p. 577). Negligence occurs when someone provides absence of care. When a person is negligent, it is not on purpose or knowingly but when a person fails to pay attention. A nurse can prove negligent when he or she did not meet the standard of care. Whether it be forgetting to provide a patient care when it needed to be done or doing something to the patient when it did not need to be done. Common examples of negligence are malnutrition, inadequate hydration, physical injury, failure to turn a patient in bed that is immobile, failure to use a bed alarm on a high-fall risk patient, and it was the result of the nurse’s care or lack thereof. According to Guido (2010, p. 94) there are five main elements in a nursing negligence case and all five elements have to be proven for a case to be valid: 1. The nurse had a duty to perform. 2. The appropriate care was not apparent in the situation. 3. There was a breach of violation of care 4. There was injury proven resulting from the nurse’s negligence and 5. There is proof that injury or negligence occurred as a direct result of the occurance. Gross Negligence Gross negligence is a more serious form of negligence and goes further than carelessness. While regular negligence is as a person performing below the standard of care, gross negligence is seen as complete failure to show care and in fact implies
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