Nupath Foods Essay

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Nupath Foods INC. The symptoms that exist in this case to suggest that something has gone wrong is the perception that both Denise Roberge and James Ornath have towards the promotion that Roberge is receiving and Ornath is expecting she will accept. Lack of communication between the two also has contributed to this situation. Denise is upset with the current promotion offer from James, and because of the communication barrier between them, she fails to discuss the situation with him. This in turn leads to a greater problem because James believes this is a great opportunity for Denise. Their different perceptions lead to other problems such as stereotyping, projection, and above all gender discrimination. With Denise already coming leaving her previous employer for these reasons, she sees the same problems arising here as well. While James is trying to enhance Denise’s career, being it was the same route he took, she perceives this promotion as a way for James to not allow her follow her career path to top management. With this perception she is contemplating of leaving this job as well. One of the main causes of the problems is that James Ornath projection in his perception of the promotion he has offered Denise of the Market Research Coordinator. James unaware of Denise being upset sees this opportunity as a great step to enhance her career to top management, as it was a great stepping block for him. He assumes she is happy with the offer. Also Denise sees this situation not as a promotion but a way to slow down or stop her career development. Her perception on this new promotion is also caused by Denise’s past experience with her previous employer who saw women in technical support positions. She perceived Nupath was “following the same game plan”, as her previous employer. Also because Denise sees that she in one of the only women at
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