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The Girl Behind It All I took time recently to interview a star. Her name is Annemarie Johansen. She stars in the book “Number The Stars”, written by Lois Lowry. Annemarie's troubled times start at the age of ten. Her troubles verge from getting along with a sibling to understanding how adult worlds work. Although she spends most of her time focusing on all around her, she is very concerned for her parents after the death of her older sister, Lise. Annemarie is careful not to upset her parents as she has great respect for them. Annemarie learns to value bravery. “The boy looked right at the soldier and said, 'All of Denmark is his bodyguard.'” Anniemarie had shivered. It sounded like a very brave answer. “Is it true, Papa?” she asked. “What the boy said?” -Chapter Two pg. 21-22 This quote, taken from her story, portrays her consistent concern for bravery and brave acts. She sees bravery as the best quality a person could have. “All right. Once upon a time there was a king...and a queen. They lived together in a wonderful palace...” -Chapter Two pg. 11 Anniemarie is a dreamer, as shown above, as she creates a bed time story for her younger sister Kirsti. Below is Kristi, Ellen, and Annemarie (from left to right). Ellen is Annemarie's best friend. Ellen is quiet and composed. “Ill race you to the corner, Ellen!” -Chapter One pg. 1 In the quote above you can see how Ellen brings different sides of Annemarie out. Even through hard times, the girls were just girls. Wanting to play and live normally. Without each other they don't have much. The war put may struggles on all of them, the families. The war also brought them together. Anniemarie lives on and lets the impact of the war change her life

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