Null and Alternative Hypothesis Essay

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NULL AND ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS In an effort to help some of the senior management team have an understanding of null andalternative hypotheses, I am going to explain it during this presentation. I will also illustrate themeaning by using several examples not related to snack foods. I will begin by reviewing thedefinition of a hypothesis.A hypothesis is an assumption or guess about a topic. The hypothesis states the expected answerto the research question – knowing that the investigation results will lead to its being supportedor not supported – or retention or rejection (Dr. Sansome, 2013). Example: Children who do notwatch television at least one hour prior to their bedtime have an average of three bad dreams perweek. Once the hypothesis ’ are developed, it is time for it to be tested.Hypothesis testing involves two well-organized statements – the null hypothesis and thealternative hypothesis. Null and alternative hypothesis can look almost the same whenillustrating them, but are polar opposites of nature. It is important for everyone to be able to tellthe difference between the two.The hypothesis being tested is referred to as the null hypothesis and it is designated as H 0 . It also is referred to as the hypothesis of no difference and should include a statement of equality (=, ≥, or £) (Encyclopedia of Business, 2013). In other words, it is the hypothesis that those conductingthe study are trying to disprove. The alternative hypothesis are designated with H 1 and presents the alternative to the null hypothesis and includes a statement of inequality (≠). The null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis are complementary (Encyclopedia of Business, 2013).In most cases the null hypothesis is assumed to be true unless contrary evidence is presented. Ifthe evidence does not support the null hypothesis, it is assumed that the

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