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India -Usa Nuclear deal brought about lots of hopes and aspirations to the vast multitudes of energy starved people of India . The responses and reactions are myriad . Ranging from ultra nationalistic to neo- accomadative , the deal has brought forward various cerebral images and thought process to the fore . The immediate reaction ,( few say it was knee jerk ) of the left parties was that its comprimising our national pride and our non aligned foreign policy .The right wing too had its own reservations about the July 18 Indo-Usa Nuclear deal .After nerve -wrecking bargaining , and ample number of assurances by our policy makers and clarifications to the Parliament by our Prime Minister , and taking into confidence our nuclear scientific community , India with a lofty vision , marched forward crossing the past non-productive ideologies , with a new pardigm shift in its approach towards relationships both in its extended neighbourhood and also at the broad world stage .It forged a new dynamic , vibrant , business relationship with the only super power of the planet ---The USA . The outcome is two fold ... we gained the Indo- Usa nuclear deal ....but we lost few of our old friends viz Iran ...our friend from anceint civilsiations .By voting against it in the voting to refer it to the security council for sanctions , India was alleged of having become an hench man of USA. Reactions were sharp that it has lost its independednt foreign policy and that all its policies were being remote controlled by Usa . One thing should we all remember that when the path we embarked is new and the challenges mighty , mistakes do happen and with this spirit India acknowledged its blunder and corrected it by abstaining in the next vote !. After the initial euphoria created by the july 18 deal , few of our intellectuals started dreaming ( rightly) that India is on the verge of

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