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Introduction page I chose this project because my grand dad died from it. Most people could not name five of the more than 300 alternative treatments for cancer. I chose this report because fewer could name the five most popular alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients. Some people wonder why the scores of billions of dollars spent on the "War on Cancer," that President Nixon started in 1971/72, has not produced a cure for cancer. Have researchers been looking for more profitable treatments for cancer or have they been looking for cure for cancer? In fact, the average person knows almost nothing about either orthodox cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments, outside of what they have heard on television or read in a cancer book. If a survey were taken, the average person would probably think that the true cure rate of orthodox cancer treatments was 40% or more and the true cure rate for alternative cancer treatments was close to zero percent. “This is total nonsense”, but more will be said about that later in my report. Is what you know about cancer treatments based on who has the most truth, or is it based on who has the most money? Is what you know about cancer treatments carefully designed to trick you? Are you being sold a "bill of goods?"This report is just as important for people who don’t have cancer as it is for people who do have cancer. Why would someone who doesn't have cancer be concerned about the truth? The reason is that if they are diagnosed with cancer, their doctor will immediately put intense pressure on them to commit to chemotherapy radiation and surgery. Unless you know whether alternative cancer treatments or orthodox cancer treatments are superior, BEFORE YOU ARE DIAGNOSED, there is a 100% chance you will make the wrong decision. If you read all of this report, you are assured of hearing many things that have

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