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Student Name: Yue Zhang Student ID: D10292398 Nucor Corporation In 1954, Nucor's predecessor was called Reo Mtors of petty mills, and soon renamed "U.S. nuclear companies" (Nuclear Corp of America), then named "Nucor (Nucor Steel)" . Since 1972 Nucor steel manufacturing operations. Originally the steel industry is a highly capital-intensive, technology-intensive industries, high barriers to entry, general business is hard to break into, but the small company Nucor rewrite American history, breaking the U.S. steel industry, it has become one of the competition rules dark horse. Nucor did not establish an integrated steelworks, rolling mills, which uses recycled scrap steel manner, focusing on steel, only ten years time, Nucor has won a great success. It ranked 297 in the top 500 in 2003, from the list 25 years ago, it has been profitable. 33 years, with an annual 80,000 tons of steel from the 13th to reach the scale of 19 million tons, has grown 138-fold; annual sales revenue rose from $ 83,580,000 in 1138 to 2004 million U.S. dollars, 136 times in 1972; net profit rose from $ 4,670,000 in 1122 to 2004 billion U.S. dollars, 240 times in 1972. Currently, Nucor is the largest steel company in 2004 with an annual output over 19 million tons of steel, has entered the world top 500, ranked the nation's steel industry profits first, technically still leading the new trend of the world's steel production . 1.A: Competition may force the steel industry could generate a huge impact of new entrants, bargaining power, the bargaining power of buyers, suppliers degree of competition, the threat of substitutes threat. These forces, the main competitive forces affecting the U.S. steel producers are generally threat of new entrants, buyer bargaining power and competitiveness. The Five-Force Model of Competition: New entrants threat from foreign steel producers, has led to a

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