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  A) The biggest problem I see facing Washington State today is the lack of incoming revenues due to the current crisis situation with the national banking and credit system. Until it is restored, businesses and households will lack the capital necessary to jump start local economies. With declining state revenues, further problems arise such as increased state deficits/ borrowing, increased unemployment, and budget cuts towards spending for education and other major social programs that state residents are dependent upon. Until we find a way to encourage spending and increase state revenues then further problems will continue to arise resulting in a great impact to the social welfare of the state’s residents. B) In these times where people are more concerned with saving their money and economizing as opposed to putting it towards frivolous consumer goods and services, I would try to concentrate on advertising in sectors that can benefit the economy most and try to decrease it where spending isn’t as valuable. I would try to put more emphasis on supporting local businesses within Washington State in order to support the local economy which could further benefit the National economy by building it up from the inside out. Massive budget cuts in higher education are having an impact on the number of students who are being admitted into universities. From a marketing standpoint, I would try to find a way to re-allocate cuts in order to allow more students to go to school. By increasing the amount of educated minds we will hopefully be able to improve the economy. C) As a state resident my best solution would be to spend my money in areas that re-distribute money to the state government. I would focus on spending in local businesses as opposed to big nationwide corporations in order to improve local economic welfare. Hopefully, by improving local

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