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have questions ask about case studies…I want these questions answered no later than September 29th. Please I don’t want a copy/paste from a web or an article or a book. Also I after submitting the work, i will check your answers and i will need one week to do so and to release the money. Each 2 or 3 questions belong to a different case study..and the questions should be answers at least BT 5-6 sentences. i will estimate your work and if it's not worth the full amount, i will cut the price. If you do a good job I may pay you more for the extra time These are the questions: Case 1: Johnson & Johnson (A) 1. James Burke is quoted, "Our culture is really it." Just what is the J&J culture and what difference doer it really make for the company? 2. How did J&J develop such a strong culture or system of beliefs and values? Case 2: Johnson & Johnson (B) - Hospital Services 1. What do you think of the way Burke [CEO] and Clare [president] have created the Hospital Services Company? 2. What obstacles does Pete Ventrella face as president of the new Hospital Services Company? 3. What actions should Ventrella take to ensure the success of the Hospital Services Company? 4. What future actions, if any, should Burke and/or Clare take with respect to the Hospital Services Company? 5. What lessons did you learn about corporate culture from these two cases? Case 3: Jim Sharpe: Extrusion Technology, Inc. (Abridged) 1. How did Jim Sharpe go about looking for a business to buy? What did he learn in the process? Did he do a good job? 2. Evaluate the emotional aspects of such transactions on both the buyer and seller. 3. What is flipping? What role did it play in the acquisition of Press Alloys? Case 4: Nucor at a Crossroads 1. Why has Nucor performed so well in the past? 2. How attractive are the economics of thin-slab castings? 3. Is

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