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Nuclear War Referecing Interpersonal Communication Choices Essay

  • Submitted by: khrystal7
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Nuclear War Referecing Interpersonal Communication Choices" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Khrystal Jimenez
Professor McDermott
Interpersonal Communication
October 25, 2013
Nuclear War
Nuclear war is a frightening topic to think about. Even more frightening is the power of choosing who lives and who doesn’t being given to you to decide. Now it took me a long time to consider all the options of the eight people. Out of the 8, I could only see three people that either needed to be included in the shelter or that I feel would be a benefit to have in the shelter. It was a long thought process to determine who the other two remaining people would be and why.
The first person I chose and this is in order is Dr. Lopez. I chose Dr. Lopez for one obvious reason, he’s a doctor. If anyone was sick, hurt, or needed assistance he would be there to help. He’s in good health so he wouldn’t be a burden, however there’s the small problem of his claustrophobia. I’m sure the shelter is a small space to live in so it’s really up to him to be able to control it. The second person I chose is Ms. Cindy. She is young, in good health, and again the most obvious reason I chose her is she is a nurse. If something happened to the Doctor, there is still another person in the shelter with medical training and can help with medical issues that could arise. Her drug problem is a definitely a negative but if she can quit which with a nuclear war she really has no choice, then she should be fine. She can benefit the people in the shelter with her training.
The third person I chose is Nancy, the three year old child. She is after all a child and I couldn’t bring myself to releasing her from the shelter to fend for herself. She needs someone to look after her and since she’s in good health, she’s not super needy. The fourth person I chose is Mrs. Wright. I feel that since she is a housewife she must know how to cook, sew, be creative with minimal materials, and look after Nancy. Lastly the fifth person was a challenge for me to choose. The choice was between Mr. Lynn, Mr. Scott, and...

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