Nuclear War Essay

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War has always been a companion of mankind, whether we look back at the caveman times or the recent years. However, in Stone Age men had primitive weapons to wage war upon each other which would end with the death of the person. Recent weapons are more technologically enhanced; they not only destroy the person they hit but effect the climate, land and generations to come. The first nuclear weapon used by United States was “on August 6, 1945, the United States exploded an untested uranium-235 gun-assembly bomb, nicknamed "Little Boy," 1,900 feet above Hiroshima. The city was home to an estimated 350,000 people; about 140,000 died by the end of the year. Three days later, at 11:02 am, the United States exploded a plutonium implosion bomb nicknamed "Fat Man" 1,650 feet above Nagasaki. Approximately, 70,000 of the estimated 270,000 residents died by the end of the year.” ( ) Through military spies, the Soviet was able to completely copy the bomb and test their first weapon in 1949 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Britain tried its first atomic bomb in 1952 and France in 1960. ( ) The use of the nuclear weapon did call a form of truce between the powerful countries and gave them time to lick their wounds, regroup and attack again. After the end of Second World War, the cold war began, which gave countries like U.S., Soviet Union, China, France, Great Britain, India and Israel to stock up in nuclear weapons. These different super powers started creating and testing nuclear weapons to be better than the other country. It was a general belief that if one country had more weapons, they will be more powerful than the other and the other country will not strike; if there was an attack than there will be retaliation against the attacking nation. One a primitive level, everyone knows about nuclear

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