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Angle of Vision: Which article is more persuasive? What do you think about when you hear nuclear power? Do you think of the pros or the cons of the energy source? In the passages Nuclear Power Now and Nuclear Power Is Not the Way Forward, both take different views about nuclear power. The passage that has a better angle of vision and is more persuasive is Nuclear Power Now. This passage appeals to the logos, ethos, and pathos of the reader. The way that author accomplishes this is by giving examples and statistics to back up the authors opinion. The passage also has effective language to convey the positive effects of nuclear energy. The first way that the piece called Nuclear Power Now is more effective in persuading readers is that it appeals to the readers reasoning ability or the logos of the reader. The way that the author did this was by stating facts about nuclear power producing no pollutants. Unlike, other resources that produce green…show more content…
The passage uses pathos to its advantage; it starts with playing on readers since of safety about national security. By stating that the use of foreign oil use would be greatly reduced if we moved to using nuclear power. This is clearly a huge issue in today’s society. The dependency on foreign oil has proved a great threat to our security. Most of the oil that the United States receives is from the Middle East. In the past the United States has had problems with security threats from the Middle East. The passage also uses the coal mining accidents to its advantage. The article states statistics about the coal mining accidents versus nuclear power plants. This helps add to the sympathy that readers have from coal miners. The author effectively uses pathos in the passage to persuade
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