Nuclear Power Essay

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I believe that the United States should build new nuclear power plants because the pros of using nuclear power heavily outweigh the cons. The most common objection to the use of nuclear power is that it is extremely dangerous. In the event of a nuclear meltdown, the damage can be catastrophic, as can be seen in the meltdown that occurred in Chernobyl, Russia that has left the land unlivable for thousands of years. However, as the years progress, the increase in safety protocols to prevent meltdowns decreases the risk of using nuclear power plants. The only significant accident that has occurred in the United States was at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. Only a very small amount of radiation was released. The nuclear power companies and the federal government have been working hard to increase the safety of nuclear power. This minute risk is worth taking because of the many benefits that come from using nuclear power. The main benefit of nuclear power is that it is inexpensive to produce. Nuclear power is currently the cheapest form of power generation. In terms of production cost per unit of energy that comes out of the process, nuclear power is almost half the cost of producing power from coal. Nuclear power is also a clean energy source in the sense that during the process of generating power, the only thing released into the atmosphere is water vapor. There are none of the pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels, including carbon dioxide, which is commonly associated with global warming. Although it is not released into the atmosphere, radioactive waste is another byproduct of power generation from nuclear power plants and it is dangerous if notproperly stored or repurposed. The radioactive waste is stored underground in special containers far away from the groundwater so that it cannot leech into the water,

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