Nuclear Is Not The Answer

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Analysis of “Nuclear is Not the Answer” “Nuclear is Not the Answer” by Alyssa Woudstra is about environmental issues caused by energy production. Woudstra mentions two major methods of energy production used today, nuclear power and fossil fuels. The method that was seen to be more environmentally friendly was nuclear power. However, she says,” the risks of nuclear power far outweigh its benefits, making fossil fuels the safer and more environmentally responsible option.”[270] The author pointed out some advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power. The advantages of nuclear power: they do not release harmful emissions that coal-burning plants do, and a single nuclear power plant can produce a large amount of energy, making nuclear an efficient source. The author states,” However, these advantages of nuclear power are outweighed by its disadvantages.”[270] The disadvantages of nuclear power: produces radioactive waste, which causes radiation poisoning, if not stored safely. Also there is a “possibility of deliberate sabotage in the form of terrorism.”[271] The author mentions a nuclear accident that took place on April 26, 1986, when the power plant in Ukraine exploded. It exposed “more than 600,000 to the effects of radiation poisoning.”[271] Even though that was years ago, the radiation still caused an impact on the environment, causing vegetation to be non-existent. The debate on whether nuclear power or fossil fuels are greener for the environment still goes on today. In my opinion the author’s tone in this paper is persuasive in leading the audience in her ideas. I feel both powers are very harmful to the environment. Fossil fuel produces gases harmful to the air. Oil spills contaminate water, making it hazardous to animals, plants, and humans. Fossil fuels are less expensive. Even so, nuclear power is still more harmful, due to the
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