Nuclear Energy Essay

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Nuclear Energy and How it Works.. Nuclear Energy has become a big part in how we power our homes. A Nuclear power plant is a place where nuclear energy is harnessed and is later generated into electricity. Nuclear energy is change that goes through a series of break downs also during this process the energy can either be absorbed or released. Nuclear plants use the fission process to generate the energy needed to produce electricity. In a nuclear plant, atoms of low-grade uranium are split apart. This creates the heat needed to create steam. The highly pressurized steam then travels through pipes to fan-like blades in a turbine. The turbine begins to turn, causing giant wire coils inside the generator to turn. This creates an electromagnetic field, which forces electrons to move and starts the flow of electricity. Atomic energy offers a clean alternative that frees us from fossil fuel dependence. The most important fact about nuclear power is that compared to other forms of alternate energy, it actually works. A nuclear plant generates vast amounts of energy, whereas it takes fields of solar panels to produce a comparatively tiny amount of energy. Even after the control rods have done their job and arrested the fission reaction the fuel rods retain a great deal of heat. the uranium atoms that have already split in two produce radioactive by-products that themselves give off a great deal of heat. So the reactor core continues to produce heat in the absence of fissioning. If the rest of the reactor is operating normally, pumps will continue to circulate coolant (usually water) to carry away the reactor core's heat. Without a steady coolant supply, a hot reactor core will continuously boil off the water surrounding it until the fuel is no longer immersed. If fuel rods remain uncovered, they may begin to melt, and hot, radioactive fuel can pool at

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