Ntc 362 Week 2 Research Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing INDP Derrick Jones NTC/362 April 10, 2013 James Johnsen Riordan Manufacturing INDP Riordan Manufacturing has been a powerhouse in the manufacturing industry. Since the inception of the company, there has been little doubt regarding the direction of the company. Dr. Riordan, a renowned chemistry professor was given patents that he would use to process polymers into flexible concentrated plastic substrates. It was these realizations that led Dr. Riordan to start Riordan Plastics, Inc. in 1991. Dr. Riordan began with an idea that would focus on researching, developing, and obtaining the license for the patents that already existed within the company. However, in 1992 Dr. Riordan was granted the funds from investors who would make it possible to purchase a plant that manufacture fans in Pontiac, Michigan. After this acquisition Dr. Riordan, changed the name of the company to Riordan Manufacturing Inc.…show more content…
Both facilities use HP BL460P blade servers that enable them to interface with the main office. They also use a NAS to backup local data, and a UPS as a backup in the case of power failure. To connect to the outside network they use a link for the router/firewall access. A 24 port Cisco switch allows the LAN to connect to the facility. As evidence proves, the network layout has several issues that need attention. The company has a rich history for customer satisfaction. Updating the network to meet the challenges and changes of tomorrow will benefit Riordan in so many ways. It will make the company more efficient and secure to say the least. Addressing these issues will enable the company to continue in its winning ways. References Apollo. (2011). Networks Overview page. Retrieved from Virtual Organization. Consona. (2012). Intuitive ERP System: Building Flexibility, Control and Improved Visibility. Retrieved from

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