Nt1430 Week 1 Homework Assignment Essay

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NT1430 Week 1 Homework Assignment Devices/Manners in which Linux is being used: 1) 2013 Cadillac XTS: Cadillac XTS 2013, launched this year back in May employs what it calls a game-changing infotainment intender known as the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) for recognizing voice,. It will be interesting for you to note that while other cars running on same technology also accept commands (or addresses), CUE is smart enough to capture the entire address in one go without having you to break into segments. i.e. if you are off to 22, 870 Main Street, Carolina , USA you can speak the entire address in a single go. A more interesting feature is perhaps the integration of local searches. You can sit in your new car and simply command the car to take you to a place where they serve (let’s say) hot chocolate, all you need to do is to say “I want to have hot chocolate”! Also the advance CUE system has versatile music players that can play a song, tune on radio etc with your voice command! And not to forget, the whole system runs on Linux! 2) 130 mph Linux Motorcycle: Mavizen’s top of the range model the TTX02 was the first electro racing bike with board-computer, USB, and IP address, enabling monitoring and tuning via integrated WLAN. The 130 mph racing machine ran on Linux system. 3) Delaval’s Robotic System for Milking cows: DeLaval, a Swedish company, founded back in 1883 is a leading producer of dairy and farming machinery. They have developed robotic system for milking cows that is powered by Linux. The milking robotic system is known for providing high efficiency and meeting milking hygiene and reducing labor costs. 4) Sony Play station: Who doesn’t know about Sony’s Play Station? ) PS3’s was specially designed so as to allow easy installation of Linux on the system. PlayStation hardware powered by Linux has been occasionally used in small scale distributed

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