Nt1330 Unit 6

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To: IT Admin I need to provide access to resources throughout our AD environment and am not sure which strategy is best for each of these situations. Please provide any thoughts or recommendations for group type and scope! Thank you. 1.Marketing wants to be able to print the company newsletter to printers in each department throughout all domains in the forest? 2. HR wants users from anywhere in the forest to be able to print vacation requests to the printer in the HR Department? 3. Research and Development wants to have administrative access to their workstations and the member server in their department but wants to make certain that these permissions are specific to their local machines, not distributed anywhere else? I would recommend for the marketing department we create a domain local group that has access to each printer in every department. Once we create the domain local group we add the users to a global group from the marketing department. And then nest the global group to the domain local group. With the HR department I would recommend that we will need to take all the users in the forests and add them to a Global Groups and then add the global groups to form a universal group that has permission to print to the HR department’s printer. This is done by using group nesting Lastly for the Research and Development department I would recommend that in order to allow administrative access on the work stations we can add all the local machines to a R&D domain local Group and set the computers group policy giving them specific access without affecting the rest of the domain Unit 6. Exercise 1. AD User and Group Account Creation Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes In this Exercise, you will ecommend as strategy for creating user accounts and Groups. Assignment Requirements Review the following scenario: A junior IT
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