Nt1330 Unit 5 Individual Project

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Server Side Web Programming Unit 5 Individual Project Deliverable Length Visual Studio Web site files and 1 MS Access database Web site files and the Access database must be put into a .zip folder Due Date August 19, 2012 8pm est. You must be an A+ rated tutor, no exceptions, no matter what your experiences are. I can only pay $12.00 to start with. If you want a tip of $10-$15, then I want an A+ completed assignment. If you want an A+ rating, I want an A+ completed assignment. There will be no tip if I only get an A- I want an A+ completed assignment. You will not get an A+ rating for your time if I do not get an A+ for this assignment. I think that is more than fair enough, don’t you think? If you agree to these terms and if you are an…show more content…
* Add a table called "Members" with the following columns: * MemberID: Primary Key with a data type of AutoNumber * FirstName: Data type of Text * LastName: Data type of Text * Add at least 5 rows to this table to facilitate testing of the application. * Create the first of 3 Web forms as a log-in page that contains a log-in server control. * Users should not be able to view the second Web form unless they have successfully logged onto the application. * Authentication and authorization should be implemented in the web.config file to provide this functionality. * Add a set of credentials to the web.config file. * The credentials must use Student as the user name and ITPR427IP5 as the password. * Create the second Web form so that it allows the user to view and edit the data in the database. * Place a GridView server control on the Web form, and connect it to the database. * Configure the GridView server control to allow the user to view the records in the database and to edit a member’s data. * Create the third Web form that allows the user to page through the records in the database and add a record to the

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