Nt1330 Unit 4 Case Study Food Chain

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2.1 when I take the order I ask the costumer if they would like to place an order to be delivered or to pick up .this information is input into the computer and the time the order was placed is recorded .if the is to pick up that order is given priority because the food need to be ready before the customer arrives to collect it. If a delivery order was made 20 minutes ago and has not yet been started then it must be given priority over new collection so that it can delivered in time In the food preparations area , we start by placing the chicken and shish kebabs on the grill because they can take 15 minutes to prepare .the customer who placed their order in the shop are given priority over all telephone…show more content…
This means that space must prioritised based on what each order contains as how and when the order was placed .an example of this would be say the grills almost full and there is delivery order with lost of pizzas and just one kebab , however there is also a collection order with lost 6kebabs because there not enough space for those kebabs the delivery order is given priority so that the delivery order can be completed quickly until grill space can be freed up to make the large grill collection order delegation the staff are assigned to order based upon their priority small order are be a single person but large order my require 2 or more staff to work together to complete the order on time and to ensure the order is made quickly so they food is not given a chance to go cold

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