Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Essay

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Active Directory Design Scenario Unit 3. Assignment 1 ITT Technical Institute Floyd Washington Jr. April 19, 2015 When implementing an Active Directory Domain Service there are several business related questions that will have to be answered in order for the AD DS to be effective. The first question that needs answering is, how many users will be accessing the system. The administrator will have to determine the number users and their roles within the organization. The next question that will have to be answered is how many computers, printers and other devices will be used by the organization. Once the administrator have all the user information and the number of computers needed, then they can develop a logical model of the active directory. This means that the Administrator will design the hierarchy through delegation. By dividing the system into organization into operational organizational units. This is all depending on what kind of company you are working with. The AD DS will have to be divided into departments with management having higher user privileges. Users will be divided into user groups with unique user names. Once the Administrator have completely design their logical model, they must figure out what the physical model of the Active Directory will be. They will have to start from the top with the forest, the highest level in the active directory. The size of the organization will determine the number of forests in the active directory. The Administrator should always look for the single forest design, but due to constraints this is not always possible for every design. The next thing the Administrator must do is create domains in their hierarchy and within the domains name the organizational units that will also appear in the active directory. Next look at the schema of each organization unit. Once the schema information is determined,

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