Nt1330 Unit 10 Technical Support

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Technical Support 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday Phone: 843-571-2825 Email: support@hawkeslearning.com Online support request form: www.hawkeslearning.com/pc_support.htm Online Resources Frequently Asked Questions: www.hawkeslearning.com/pc_faq.htm Register a License Number: www.hawkeslearning.com/WebCodeForm Purchase an Access Code: www.hawkeslearning.com/OnlinePurchasing Online Support Request Form: www.hawkeslearning.com/pc_support.htm Student Getting Started Guide: www.hawkeslearning.com/pc_GettingStartedWithALS.htm Security Considerations The Hawkes Learning Systems courseware writes user data into each user’s “My Documents” folder by default, including configuration changes. During…show more content…
Do not install the software directly on the server. To configure other workstations, run the RegUtil.exe program located in the Common folder. This utility will register all required files and create shortcuts to the network installation. RegUtil.exe can be run silently using the “/s” command line switch. Silent Installation The setup program looks for files on each CD called <productcode>1 and <productcode>2 respectively (e.g., BAM1 and BAM2) to determine if the appropriate CD has been inserted. The CD-based installer can be installed from a network sharepoint to client computers by copying the installation CDs (with their directory structures intact) into a single folder on a network sharepoint. Do not copy each CD into a separate folder, but instead merge the two CDs into a single folder. Use the following command line switches and parameters to customize a silent install. Setup Command Line Switches and Parameters for Silent Installations The Hawkes Learning Systems courseware installation can be installed with custom values and/or no user input required. The web-based download requires internet access to retrieve each of the installation

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