Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Analysis

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Final Analysis Policies are broad statements that are used to specify what should be accomplished in anything that is being established for the first time. If you are setting up a new network you will have to come up with a policy that states what you want the network to do, it does not state how the network should run; a policy just simply describes what should be done. It is easy to get confused about the differences between policies and implementation. Policies only describe what should be done, whereas implementation describes how it should be done. “This separation of policy from implementation permits the implementers to implement the policy in the best way possible.” With the separation of policy and implementation it is easy to get lost in the details of implementation, but it does not mean that the policy is irrelevant. Being clear on the policy lets everyone that is involved in implementing it, can stay focused and makes for a successful implementation; this is why it is important to separate policy from implementation. Oversight is important because it ensures that policies have been implemented properly. It also means that policymakers cannot have policies and implementation guidance fall to the way side, they also cannot ignore how it is being…show more content…
Policies are broad statements that state what should be should be accomplished and to what it should be accomplished on, that is where implementation comes in to play. Implementation is the how to on policies, it tells us how to implement the policies and it is more specific than the policies. Implementation guidance is a little more specific than policies, but less specific than implementation. Implementation guidance can be added in the form of a directive, it ensures that implementers do not have the ability to choose a different way of doing something that could in the long run affect the security of the

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