Nt1310 Unit 5 Program Testing Program

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5 Program design a. Inputs (raw materials or resources, see pp.145-146) The items listed in the budget area (#8) b. Throughputs (procedures to carry out program; transform inputs into outputs & outcomes) so list the results of the program i. Service definition: clear statement of services (the “why”) To make students college bound. ii. Service tasks: activities to be performed (the “what”) One on one turtoring, computer programs, fundrasiors, team interactions with teachers and parents, plus peers iii. Methods of intervention: forms of the service(s) (the “how”) 1. Enabling Opening service to 5 worse students per grade grades 5-11th 2. Teaching Peer turtoring and computer programing 3. Facilitating Building and transportation…show more content…
15) GAS to and from, plus for events.. costs of handing out pamphlets and meeting with potential sponsors!, and throwing events 16) Employee costs, or deal with volunteers 6 data requirements : a) The data that should be collected is 2 weeks report from teachers and grades, compare and contrast to previous grades and complaints even more compare it to other children’s grades who are not in the program b) The way to examine whether the program is cost effective, have set budget and keep record of every purchase and the amount it costs to run the program, and see if it went over or under budget, focus on which areas cost more and readjust the budget. Also compare it to similar facilities and see if they are spending more or less, every month try to decrease the budget and find new inventive ways, like recycling! 7) monitoring the program through technology a) a computer can be a great organizational tool that helps keep records of progress secondly and what the program does, which we could later evaluate which methods do and don’t work, the computers can have fun learning programs that help the child build their
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