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Theorists such as Isaacs and Eisenberg(Isaacs, 1999) (Eisenberg, 2009) have outlined what we categorize as four levels that increase the fundamental characteristic and different perspective of the other that is ‘dialogue as mindful communication’, ‘equitable transaction’, ‘empathic conversation’, and ‘real meeting’. This essay will argue from perspective as a Leader in organization in a ‘real meeting’ terms, there are benefits and challenges associated in bringing towards the goal of ‘dialogue as real meeting’ in organizations. It will also argue that these claims unfold the difficulties in practical way for most relationships inside or outside of organizations, that the Leader wants this perspective to be realistic in practical way. The essay will also examines some important terms from the theorists approach, such as the communicative goal for leader to make the organizations more energetic and dynamic workplace, an effective and enjoyable for real human connection, increasing subordinates satisfaction and commitment, less turnover rates and bringing forward to a flexibility and great innovation, increasing values, being genuine understanding with no fakes, non superficial flow of speech and bringing towards everyone’s engaged. However, this essay will also argue some challenges related in to this terms in organization, such as the increased in time-consuming, being lead into a requirement of these issues to be screened in term of the amount of dialogue guarantee, decreasing in closure for the objective of dialogues, being parted, being shifted toward a greater interactivity reflects a shift in communication channels, increasing of social Technologies that made communications more ease and the vast of interaction within organizations which deploy social thinking more diverse and gain uncertainty in

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