Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment Paper

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Third eCircle Assignment Activity 1 a. - How has doing this activity changed and/or improved the way you now plan activities for you students. Every time that I plan, any activity, I use the PK Guidelines to formalize my ideas, so the children can obtain a better education. b. - What are some new teaching strategies you have considered using to excite your children even more about learning? I use different transition song and classroom helpers to motivate the children to want to learn more. Activity 2 Classroom Environment Checklist: * Look over the revised classroom * Environment checklist; Think about your classroom which areas would you have a rating 3? And which areas do you need improve? Make Every Minute Count: * Intentional teaching does not happen by chance. It is purposeful, planful and playful.…show more content…
Activity 3 1.-Conscientious teacher: important, because they are the teachers who always want to do their job right. 2.-Encounter new classroom implications: important, because want to have a better classroom environment. 3.-Good teaching is to do that: to teach in terms of what we know at the moment: important, Because mean that we will be able to teach the children what we know recently. 4.-Teachers “are like sailors who have to build their ship at high sea, without being able to seek port”: more important, because its snow all the important jobs a teacher have to do so a child can fully learn. 5.-Good teaching is like good learning: more important, because if you teach something good, you will learn it better. 6. - Excellent teacher will do what they have always done, grow: most important, that means that you have to “climb steps” until you became excellent and everything your teaching gets better you grow as a teacher, and you are more capable of teaching better. Activity 4

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