Nt1310 Unit 3 Ad Analysis

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1. 2. Select a magazine that you enjoy reading and answer the following questions i. Tell me about the people that read this magazine ii. How much would a full page ad in this magazine cost (identify if it is full colour or not) iii.Suggest 4 products that might be appropriate to advertise in this magazine and explain why they are suitable (4 marks) (200 words) Go to the Townsville Bulletin website and provide the following information iv. How much would a 10x2 sized black and white ad cost in Monday’s paper v. If I you had a client that sells golf clubs can you suggest where they should place their ad and how much would a 20x5 sized ad cost? (4 marks) (200 words) I like to read The Australian Women's Weekly magazine. It is…show more content…
I think for the golf club, people who like doing sports would pay attention to the sports game such as bowling, swimming and golf. People have the interests to watch the competition worldwide; Some amateurs also like to play it in their spare times. Most golf enthusiasts search the information about golf from the Internet, newspapers, TV and so forth. They eager to acquire the news of their idol. To put in this part means the ad will get more chances for the businessmen who want to run a business through that part. As the classified display rates of casual rate pccm from Monday to Friday is $13.18 exclude GST; $14.50 include GST. Thus, The 20x5 sized ad costs will be 20x5x13.18=$1318 exclude GST;…show more content…
The system can track the users' identity and target them at the same time; the users and the marketers can have two-way interaction; there are also tailored services for each individual customer; and customers can purchase the products on line. (Kierzkowski, Mcquade, Waitman and Zeisser, 1996) The second advantage is that the advertisers can learn about customers’ preferences in the existing business system by investigating the customers’ visits which will make the marketers enhance their digital marketing initiative. The third good point is digital media is up-to-date. It is fast compare to print media and the information can be easily renewed online. Also, customers can search the information in a very efficient way which makes them acquire the worldwide news convenient. There are two types of digital media. It is push and pull strategy. First, one type is push digital media. It is also called sold media. “It is formed when one marketer's owned media become another's paid media -- for instance, when an e-commerce retailer sells ad space on its Web site.” (Edelman and Salsberg, 2010) The marketers can build the relationships with the customers online. The advertisers put their advertisement digitally such as put the information on cell phones or send the email to the customers. Not only by doing this, they can also provide the good services and low price to the customers. Second, the way the customers find the

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