Nt1310 Unit 3-1 Case Study

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Case Project 3-1 The physical topology that would be used is the extended star topology. I chose this because they did not have enough space to run the wires. So if they installed a central switch and then ran the cables to smaller switches, this would help with the amount of cables being installed. I would have them install a 100 Mbps Central switch. This way their internet and file transfer would be substantial enough once the new computers are added. The secondary switches would be 100 Mbps as well. I would use a 100 Base T/TX Ethernet cable. This is a Cat 5 cable but it can transfer 100 Mbps, this way the company can keep the internet speed that they are getting from their switches. The logical topology would be the switched topology. I chose this because it is the most common logical topology for the type of physical topology that is going to be used. This type of logical topology will allow computer A to communicate with computer B while Computer C is communicating with Computer D. This needs to be a function within the network to allow the computer to function efficiently.…show more content…
I would remove the bus, because this is slowing the network down. If we use a 1000 Mbps central network switch going out to the sub switches, then this would speed the network up. It is still easy to configure and if a computer is removed from the network, there is no interruption. Since we are removing the bus, we would run the Ethernet cables from the network switches to the sub switches. Since we are going to install a 1000 Mbps network switch, we will use a 1000 Base T Ethernet cable. We will run the cable from the servers to the network switch and then from the network switch to the sub

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