Nt1310 Unit 2 Risk Management

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RISK MANAGEMENT JIT 2 December 20, 2014 A1. Firms face a lot of uncertainty such as currency fluctuations in the global market place that hinder them to determine a set price on purchase of their material and the sale of their finished goods. Because of global economic instability in mostly developing countries, currency fluctuations tend to create a lot of uncertainty in the profit margin of most businesses that either purchase raw material or sell their goods globally. Using United States of America for example, companies that are situated here but buy their raw material from Africa or Asia are constantly faced with currency fluctuations due to constant economic instability in…show more content…
Establishing the possibility and type of damage or threats that relates to the sensitive nature of the customer information. 3. Means to control the risks with regards to the direction of the policy and procedures that are created specific to customer information type systems. 4. All steps in the proper disposal of customer’s information should be applied. 5. Hiring consultants that specialize in safe guarding customer’s information and the systems that can give the most optimal support (Stoneburner, 2002). Security Controls should be established in order to control the potential risks and threats. The following aspects should be followed to develop the security controls: 1. Which individual will have access to customer information and issuance of password to monitor appropriate use of the customer information for only business? 2. Only authorized individuals will have access to protected server areas of the company and the records storage should be located off site for security with badge entry only. 3. There should be policies and procedures that align the company with ethical information security protection customer information

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