Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1 Essay

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Qualification BTEC HNC/D Level 5 Computing Academic Year 2011 Student Details |Student Number | | |Student Name | | Assignment Details | | | |Unit Title |Unit 5 Networking Concepts | |Assignment Number/Title |Assignment 1 – Networking Concepts…show more content…
P 2.1Design an overall LAN diagram with computers (Servers, Workstation), Printers, Hubs , Modem , Scanner P 2.3 The Network Analyst has also proposed virtualization for the Windows server as an option with star, bus topology and virtual ips Stott and Abimola Ltd has asked your help in understanding the network operating system from a virtualization point of view and the different type of network and network topologies that can be implemented . Install Network Software 3] The consultancy has agreed to demonstrate the following for virtualization on a laptop including configuring user workstations on the

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