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Telecommunications NT1310 Telecommunications Telephone Components: 1. Local Loop – This term refers to the physical wiring that connects the telephone or device to the Central Office. 2. Central Office – This term refers to a building that provides services to a particular group of subscribers. Each subscriber is connected to the central office using the local loop. Central offices have Switching equipment that can direct calls within the set of subscribers (locally) or outside the set of subscribers (long-distance). 3. Local Exchanges – This term describes a telecommunications company that provides services within a local area 4. POP – This term refers to a point where an LEC or long distance carrier meets another…show more content…
Telecommunication Services: i. RBOC’s: This refers to a regional Bell operating company. Following a suit against ATT the company divided into seven smaller entities. j. Unbundling: This refers to the telecommunications Act of 1996. This allowed other companies to compete for customers without owning the local loop structure. k. MSO: This refers to a multi system operator. This is a provider that offers multiple services such as TV, phone, and internet. Time Warner, Charter, and Cablevision are examples of an MSO. l. ISP: This is an internet service provider. This is a company that provides connectivity to the Internet. m. Triple play: This is a reference to the bundling of Internet, TV, and Phone services by a provider. n. Cloud Computing: This is a form of computing using remote resources. Cloud computing allows a user to access a service or application without the local host doing any of the computing. An example of cloud computing would be a free email site such as Yahoo or Gmail. The Yahoo server is doing the computing while the user at home benefits. References Oliviero, Andrew, and Bill Woodward. Bonus Appendix: Telecomm ta Cabling NT1310, 4th Edition. Sybex, 2011. VitalBook

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