Nt1310 Appendix D

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Associate Program Material Appendix D Installation of Operating Systems A computer technician must be familiar with troubleshooting different operating system issues. A computer technician must also be familiar with the many different ways to upgrade or install different operating systems. You must know how to research the best method for each situation and how to install and support the operating system. Complete the following activity by comparing an upgrade of an operating system to a clean installation of an operating system and then by completing the written assignment in Activity Two. Activity One: Upgraded Operating System versus Clean Installation of Operating System |Upgrade…show more content…
| |Back up your data in case a problem arises. | |Put your data on a separate partition. | |If upgrading to a version of Windows download the upgrade advisor and Windows Easy Transfer. | |Run your antivirus software and then turn it off | |Install from a CD or USB device. | |Choose the upgrade option. | |Follow all steps on from the CD or USB to complete the upgrade. | |Advantages of upgrading: | |Data, operating system settings, and applications are carried | |over into the new operating system. | |You can uninstall the new operating system and still have the old operating system.…show more content…
| |Check to see if computer has enough memory. | |Be sure to have all application CD’s to reinstall after process is complete. | |Computer needs to meet recommended hardware requirements. | |Decide if you need a dual boot. | |Scan the hard drive for viruses. | |Find product key, disc, or USB for the new operating system installation method. | |Choose language preferences. | |Accept the license terms.

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