Nt1210 Unit 7 Labs

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Christian little UNIT 7 LABS NT1210 4/27/2014 LAB 7.1 Exercise 7.1.1: Owning the entirety of a WAN is impractical for an organization because there are no limitations and they can be custom built to the organization. It is favorable for the organization to maintain a LAN for expansion purposes. Exercise 7.1.2: On a WAN there is no absolute limit for the distance of a leased line. Table 7-1 WAN Physical Media Media | Infrastructure | Summary | UTP | Phone lines | Uses copper lines between all locations, limited speed with the lines. Already in place, can be very cheap to use | Coaxial | Television cable | Must run cable to all locations, can carry much higher speeds than Telco. Is a little more expensive to run. Needs boosters at specific distances | Fiber-optic | Glass cables with POP’s at specific distances | Uses a customized infrastructure to run dedicated connections: this is a costly option | Electric power lines | Power lines. They are everywhere and the infrastructure is already there | This type of media can be used with Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), making use of the extensive infrastructure in place already | Table 7-2 WAN Wireless Media Media | Summary | Satellite | Not very fast, has a delay of about 1 second, very costly to use. Uses a star topology | Imax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) | This has 75Mbps speeds and can transmit for distances up to 30 miles. It is designed for metropolitan areas. Expensive and infrastructure is poor. | HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) | Cellular technology. Advanced version of 3G technology. To exploit full potential of the CDMA physical layer. To achieve performance comparable with LTE. Having both technologies on one network with voice and data. | Radio frequency | Allows you to access information while on the move anywhere you can get a radio frequency. Radios and

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