Nt1210 Research Paper: Layer 2 Switching

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NT1210 Research Paper From what I gathered about “Layer 2 switches” is that the Layer 2 switches use a MAC address from a host NIC card. This makes it to decide where to “forward frames”. Also Layer 2 is a hardware-based control. It uses “application-specific integrated circuits”, which provides “wire speed, high speed, low latency”. OIS layer 7 packets are called “layer 4-7 switches” these are like content switches, content service switches and web switches or application switches… Content switches are normally used for “load balancing” among server groups like on TCP/IP. Some can also do NAT wirespeed. Also they can be used in encryption and decryption to reduce the loading on servers. Layer 7 switching is the technology of “content delivery network”.. Layer 4 load balancer is a…show more content…
Packets can be forwarded and switched really quickly. It all really depends on the wire speed of the network. It also has little to no impact on the network performance or bandwidth, which is very nice. It also says they are “dumb devices” “that take no setup or management required, making them cheap and easy to deploy”. So pretty much small networks can just be built using just the layer 2 devices and most corporate networks would have to have a mix of layer 2-7. The reason why small networks just use layer 2 is because products are cheap and its and easy way of providing connectivity to small workgroups. Multi-level switches are more expensive and complicated to setup and deploy. All of layer 7 switching is pretty much the SI to make forwarding decisions about HTTP traffic using your information in the URL.. So pretty much dealing with your cookies and websites you visited. “URL switching, cookie switching, cookie insertion, concurrent URL and cookie switching, HTTP header hashing, and SSL Session ID switching” which have the ability to direct your HTTP requests to a server or group of servers using your information in the

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