Nt1210 Lab 7.3

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NT1210 – Introduction To Networking LAB 7.3 Communications of Paths Exercise 7.3.1 Creating a cloud computing would be the best option this way the all parties can communicate. This would allow the Headquarters to place the order to Manufacturing to start the order. Then Manufacturing can place any supply orders need to Foundry to create the ordered product. Also will allow the Shipping Site A to notify Shipping Site B of the status on the product allowing Shipping B to also communicate with Shipping Site C. features & benefits * Service Level Agreement (SLA) across the complete network * Managed Security which allows management of all content in and out of the network, which in effect outsources all your security to. * Cloud Computing: offer a wide range of "Infrastructue as a Service" Cloud computing services within the network all at a fixed low cost, and with little or no capital outlay. * Monitoring: 24x7 or 9x5 pro-active monitoring of all the sites. * Giving access to the portal, which allows access to fault reporting 24 hours a day. Access to traffic information on all connections is also available online, 24 hours a day. Exercise 7.3.2 Two options are Virtual Private Networking or Ethernet Internet. Lab 7.3 Review 1. The Internet connection would be most cost efficient because would source out any cost for updating, security management, and the ability to access the information anywhere you have internet access. Both required that a home based connections allowing computer to speak to each other. 2. Leased Lines Connecting. Lab 7.4: Linux Networking Exercise 7.4.1 Using the “ifconfig” command in Linux, you are given the IP address, hardware address in hexadecimal, broadcast address, subnet mask, and inet6 address. There difference between “arp” and “arp -v” in the Linux command line is that “arp -v”

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