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Victoria Lambert Gary Kohler October 14, 2014 Lab 5 5.1.1 The IEEE 802.1standard concerns with the standards and recommendations in the of architecture and internetworking of local area networks (LANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs), security, network management, and protocol issues above the Data Link Layer. 5.1.2 The original 802.3 standard that defined PoE is IEEE 802.3af. The standard was enhanced in 2009 and give the new standard name 802.3af PoE+. 5.1.3 Standards | Cabling | Maximum Length | 10BASE5 | Coaxial (Thicknet) | 500m | 10BASE2 | Coaxial (Thinnet) | 185m | 10BASE-T | UTP (Cat3, 5,5e,6) | 100m | 100BASE-FX | Fiber | 400m | 100BASE-T | UTP (2pr Cat 5e) | 100m | 100BASE-T4 | UTP (Cat 5) | 100m | 100BASE-TX | Fiber | 400m | 1000BASE-LX | Fiber | 550m | 1000BASE-SX | MM Fiber | 220m or 550m | 1000BASE-ZX | SM Fiber | 100km | 1000BASE-T | UTP (4rs Cat5) | 100m | 5.1.4 Prefix before BASE is the speed. Postix of T is the cable type. 5.2.1 ?It’s used to distinguish one device from another. Just like people have names, NICs have MAC addresses. 5.2.2 I didn’t have support tap, only general. But I can click on detail that gives me all the information I need. 5.2.3 Physical Address : 64-5A-04-CD-4F-2C 5.2.4 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. No.25, Wugong 6th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248 TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA 5.2.5 IPv4 Address: IPv4 Default Gateway: 5.2.6 The ARP request message is sent using the Ethernet broadcast address, and an Ethernet protocol type of value. Since it is broadcast it is sent to all systems in the same collision domain (LAN). The target system forms a response. Then the response is unicast to the address of the computer that sent the request. 5.2.7 – 5.2.9 I tried typing arp –a 5.3.1 IP address: Default gateway:

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