Nt1210 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Homework 1. The potential impact of cloud computing and web 2.0 The cloud computing concept envisions a cloud of remote computers that provide a total online software and data environment that is hosted by third parties. Web 2.0 envisions second generations of the web that will enable people to collaborate, interact, and share information more dynamically. 2. The difference between online batch processing In batch processing, input transactions are grouped into a single file and processed together. For example, when a firm produces customer statements at the end of the month, a batch application might process thousands of records in one run of the program. 3. Define network topology, including hierarchical, bus, ring, and…show more content…
Various types of individual and site licenses are available from software vendors. 5. Describe wireless networking, including wireless standards, topologies and trends Wireless networks are based on various standards and protocols that are still evolving. Like wired networks, wireless networks also can be arranged in different topologies, the three major network topologies available for IEEE 802.11 WLANs are the Basic Service Set, the Extended Service Set, and the Independent Service Set. Wireless technology has brought explosive change to the IT industry, and will continue to affect businesses, individuals, and society. Even in the ever-changing world of IT, it would be difficult to find a more dynamic area than wireless technology. 6. Describe the system design specification The system design specification is a document that presents the complete design for the new information system, along with detailed costs, staffing, and scheduling for completing the next SDLC phase systems

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