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Dixon NT1210 unit 4 labs 1/24/15 NT1210 Chapter 4 Lab 4.1.1 Standards are put in place to make everything work together error free. Because Stability, Consistency, Minimization of packet errors. 4.1.2 Because the voltage used to transmit data needs only be high enough for the receiver to detect it. Making the voltage higher would make the receiver electronics more difficult. 4.1.3 Hospitals, security systems, PA & recording studios. The drawback of STP cables is that they will increase the total cost of an installation. STP cables are more expensive due to the shielding, which is an additional material that goes into every meter of the cable. The shielding also makes the cable heavier and stiffer. Thus, it is more difficult to handle. 4.1.4 Cat 310MbpsToken/10 base T Cat 416MbpsToken Cat 5100MbpsEthernet/Token Cat 61000MbpsGigabit Ethernet Cat 6a1GbpsGigabit Ethernet NT1210 Chapter 4 Lab 4.1.6 Coaxial cable consists of a core of copper wire surrounded by insulation, a braided metal shielding, and an outer cover. 4.1.7 100 meters & a signal repeater 4.1.8 they both need straight UTP 4.1.10 Multi meter- an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. Tone generator-electronic audio acoustics and equipment testing and setup, or informational signals, commonly associated with a telephone system Pair scanner- used to locate problems in a LAN system Time domain reflectometer - is an electronic instrument used to characterize and locate faults in metallic

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