Nt1110 Unit 5 Analysis Pentium Flaw

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Unit 5 Analysis 1: Pentium Flaw The Pentium flaw was a flaw in a microprocessor that caused incorrect calculations on certain common equations. This caused many people to have issues with doing calculations on their PC. It became public in 1994 when a university researcher was performing calculations and discovered several calculations were being performed incorrectly by his PC while doing double-precision arithmetic. Intel’s initial response was denying that there was a problem, but after enough people said there was a problem, they changed their statement to say that there was indeed a problem, but that it was a small problem that wouldn’t affect many people. Many of Intel’s customers were not satisfied by this answer, and started wanting their chips replaced. Intel initially only replaced peoples chips if they could prove they actually needed it replaced, but after an outcry from the public, they started replacing chips for anyone that needed it replaced. I don’t think Intel handled the situation correctly from the start. They should have acknowledged their mistake and quickly tried to fix it, instead of denying there was one and trying to brush it off as not an issue. They also should have replaced anyone’s flawed chip to begin with, instead of only replacing certain people’s flawed chips. Intel tried to satisfy their customers by saying it wasn’t a big issue that would affect many people, but soon after they had to start replacing flawed chips in order to satisfy their customers. They first only replaced people flawed chips if they could prove they needed it replaced, but after many people weren’t satisfied by this, they decided to replace anyone’s chips if they needed it replaced. If the same thing were to happen today, the company would probably quickly learn about the issue and try to pull the flawed chip from store shelves, as well as put out a

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