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Final Exam Chapter 6 1. Parity is used with RAM for ______________. Answer: Error Checking 2. What type of RAM does not need to be refreshed? Answer: Static Ram 3. What type of RAM that is not used frequently today? Answer: Rambus is not used. Cache, Ram Bus, Dynamic are frequently used. 4. What diagnostic feature is used with ATA hard drives? Answer: S.M.A.R.T. 5. What are the parts of a hard drive's geometry? Answer: Number of cylinders, Number Sectors per track, Number of read/write heads Chapter 7 6. When a computer is first booted, the initial instructions come from _____ . Answer: BIOS 7. Fully updating the BIOS by erasing and rewriting it is called _____ Answer: Flashing Chapter 8 8. What are the reasons to update BIOS? Answer: New hardware, faster CPU, new operating system. 9. What does BIOS stand for? Answer: Basic Input/Output System Chapter 9 10. What is the main Web browser for Mac OS X? Answer: Safari 12. Linux was written by _____________. Answer: Linux Torvalds 13. What is a graphical file-management utility used by Windows? Answer: Windows Explorer 14. Where does any open Windows applications show up on? Answer: Taskbar 15. Before a disk partition can be booted, it must be made __________. Answer: Must be Active 16. Which type of file cannot be executed from the command prompt in Windows? Answer: .COM, .EXE, .BAT 17. Windows long file names can contain up to _____ characters. Answer: 255 Characters 18. What file utility is used to check a drive for errors? Answer: CHKDSK.exe Chapter 10 19. Authenticating users based on their physical features is done using _________. Answer: Biometrics 20. What software is protected against viruses and malware? Answer: Periodic Scans, Permission Control Access, Frequent Updates. 21. What are ways to protect against viruses and malware? Answer: 22. What does disk

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