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Nt1110 Essay

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Unit 4
Port expander
A port expander is a device that allows someone to take a single port and turn it into multiple ports. There are 2 ways a port expander can be used either internal or external, if it used internal it would be on the motherboard. If it is used externally then someone would hook the hardware up to the computer, which already has the existing port in order to use the device. People use a lot of different types of ports in order to connect the port expander but 2 are commonly used today and they are USB port and Ethernet.
Here’s a list of port expanders:
  1.   SCSI Port Expander Hardware
  2. Audio Port Expander Hardware
  3. VGA Port Expander Hardware
  4. RS-422 Port Expander Hardware
  5. SATA Port Expander Hardware
  6. Ethernet Port Expander Hardware
  7. Modbus Serial Port Hardware
  8. SSD Port Expander Hardware
  9. SAS Port Expander Hardware
  10. DB-25 Port Expander Hardware
  11. USB Port Expander Hardware
  12. Microphone Port Expander Hardware
  13. FireWire Port Expander Hardware
  14. Serial Port Expander Hardware
  15. Video Port Expander Hardware
  16. DVI Port Expander Hardware
Port expanders are made for certain types of computers there not one port fits all. For example, some of the older computers with VGA require VGA port expanders and some of the newer computers have RGB and even USB ports they require that specific port type. I would have to point out the obvious advantage to having a port expander, which is having more ports to do more things. A disadvantage that I see is that when you hook up a port expander it could overload the work load of that port and cause problems with speed or performance.

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