Nt 1310 Transmitters

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NT1310 Unit 9 Assignment 1 Transmitters LED Transmitter LEDs have a much lower power output than lasers and LED’s have a larger light output pattern. Which makes it harder to couple into fiber limiting the LED to be used with multimode fibers, LEDs have less bandwidth than a laser and are limited to operate up to about 250MHz or around 200Mbs. With the way LEDs are fabricated they are cheaper to make than lasers, they contain no hazardous material and can last up to 10,000 hours. LEDs have a very small broad output which causes them to suffer chromatic dispersion in fiber. The bulbs create less heat during use, which can lead to lower cooling costs and its green friendly, decreases amount of energy used by 5%. Laser Transmitter Laser transmitter have a much smaller and tighter light input and can be easily coupled to single mode fibers, this makes the laser transmitter perfect for longer distances and high speed links. Laser has a high bandwidth capability some are used up to 10GHz or 10Gbps this makes Laser transmitters more expensive. Laser Transmitters have a narrow spectral output that suffers very little chromatic dispersion. Laser Transmitters avoid interference because the frequencies between the lasers have narrow beams that are less likely to have significant side lobes that could introduce interference. A transmitter can be applied when two or more buildings want to be connected to the same network or just to connect to other networks. The transmitter takes an electron input and converts it to optical output from a laser or a LED. The light from the transmitter is then coupled into the fiber with a connector and transmitted through the fiber cable. Then the light form the end of the fiber is coupled to a receiver where and is transmitted through the fiber optical cable which is then properly use by the receiving

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