Nt 1230 Unit 1 Exercise 1 Upgrading

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To: Valerie Bernier, Dentist RE: Can I upgrade the office? Ms. Bernier, After reading your email I have a few questions for you about the systems in question. If each of the systems has 16 GB of available hard disk space then your machines may meet the minimum hardware requirements to install the Windows 7 program. Each system in question need to have a processor speed of 1 GHz or faster, 1 GB of system memory, as well as a DirectX 9 graphics adapter with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver, which you’ve shared with me that each of your workstations have. However, before you began the updating process you need to look at the hardware compatibility of you machines with the Windows 7 program. Due to the fact that you want to move from the Windows XP operating system to the Windows 7 operating system and not having ever installed the Windows Vista operating system means that you might be at risk for more compatibility problems between the program and the machines. With going this was you would need to preform a Clean Installation would have to be performed; meaning that aside from any settings that are able to be moved via one of the migration tools, it would be necessary to perform a backup of all of your machines in order to keep from permanently losing any important files or documents. Ultimately I would recommend to you to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisory on any system that you want to upgrade. In doing this it will tell you if there are any compatibility issues on each machine. If it looks like your hardware will function properly, and that many of your important programs are compatible with Windows 7, it might be worth it to backup all of your data and perform clean installations of the Operating System. If you have any further questions on this matter, please feel free to contact

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