Nstp Refelction Essay

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Taking up NSTP is fun and life changing at the same time. I have learned many things from the beginning of the deployment, up to the last day of it. Also as a psychology student, I learned much about the students we’ve met and know that whatever I learned there, will never be forgotten just that I should be able to apply the knowledge and experiences I acquire. We have an activity called “poster making” and its about their ambition. As they draw their ambition, I realize that some people should treat them like a normal people too. We should not judge them or bully them and most of all we should not let them feel down. I am certain that every individual that God created has its own uniqueness and kind. As such; these things that we have and owned are what make us who we are. We all have this differences with others; sex (male, female, including the LGBT community), likes/dislikes, personal and spiritual beliefs, and so on. But these students, they have disorders. We sometimes feel intimidated by what others can do that you can’t, what others have that you don’t have and what others are that you are not. We shouldn’t feel or think like that. We should be grateful on what we have, we should be grateful that we can live our life normally. People with disorders live their life without complaining, they dream and they have higher hopes than us but we, people who do not have disorder keep on complaining. Personally I believe that God created us individually equal starting from none. The world is not a fair place. There are those who were blessed and those who were not. That is the logic of our capitalistic world, and I have no intention of denying that. But why does that matter? Does someone say that those who are not blessed must stay that way their whole lives? Think again, we are the captain of our own ship; we are responsible for driving the ship back to the

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